Overview of Event Timings

 Winter Festival - 7th February 2017- Fenton Manor Sports Complex

Team Registration

Netball 9.15-9.45am in Arena E 

Sportshall Athletics 9.15-9.45am in Arena A

Basketball 1.15-1.45pm in Arena A

 Medal Ceremony

Netball 1-1.30pm in Arena E

Sportshall Athletics 1-1.30pm in Arena B

Basketball 5.30-6pm in Arena A

Competition Ends

Netball and Sportshall Athletics 1.30pm

Basketball 6pm

Summer Festival - 23rd June 2017

Event and media volunteers arrival time: 8.30am

Team registration: 9.45-10.15am

Opening ceremony: 10.30-11am

Competitions start: 11.15am

Competitions end: 3.30pm


Keele Sports Map

 Social Media

Twitter will be used throughout the Festival to keep people up to date on competitions, sports results and announcements. The Festival Twitter name is @Staffs_StokeSG and the Festival 'hashtag' is #Staffs_StokeSG.

Use @Staffs_StokeSG to communicate with event organisers.

Use #Staffs_StokeSG to join in the Festival conversation. This will be visible to everyone who uses #Staffs_StokeSG.